Monday, May 5, 2014

Kimukatsu - Taste the different Tonkatsu flavors

A lot of Tonkatsu places have been opening up in the metro.
It seems that a lot of Pinoys are catching up on the Tonkatsu craze.

If you're not aware what Tonkatsu is, it's a breaded pork cutlet much like the breaded porkchop.
The breading used is Panko, special bread crumbs that give it that distinctive crunch.
Generally served with shredded cabbage, it also comes with a special Tonkatsu sauce for dipping.

Kimukatsu, an international chain with 24 branches worldwide has opened two branches in the Philippines. One in Shangri-la Mall and a new one at Century City Mall in Makati.

The one I visited in Century City Mall is one of the better designed Japanese casual dining places. I can't help but notice the elegant black-hued interiors, very classy.

Even the menu has simple touches of Yin and Yang. With a black menu for the men and white for the women. The first thing you notice are bottles of dressings for the cabbage - goma, vinaigrette and spicy. And what look liked teapots are the Tonkatsu and Yuzu sauces.

Tonkatsu sauce is black, Yuzu is white

Kimukatsu claims that they are the only restaurant in the world that offers Tonkatsu mille-feuille style,or 25 layers of thinly-sliced pork in 7 flavors: Plain, Garlic, Cheese, Negi Shio (spring onion), Black Pepper, Yuzu Kosho (Citrus and chili pepper)  and Ume Shiso (sour plum and shiso leaf).
All 7 in one go!

P 390 for 130 g

Also comes in red

More rice anyone?
Among these flavors, I ordered the runaway bestseller which is cheese.
Each set of comes with unlimited shredded cabbage, miso soup (two kinds), premium Japanese rice (this is really good, sticky rice like the ones used in sushi) and pickles.

The Cheese Tonkatsu (Php 390 for 130 g) is melt-in-your-mouth good. I was expecting a thicker chunk of meat, but it was delicious. The cheese is kinda steady but not gooey. The breading was light and crunchy. As I was eating it, I was trying to count the layers hahaha.

We also ordered the Ebi Fry Set ( P 495) 
This one I liked. Jumbo prawns, check! Awesome breading? Check! More rice? Check!
The set also comes with unlimited cabbage, soup, rice and pickles.

The verdict: Great, great food. but service needs to be improved.

Our order of soda did not arrive and was charged. And the table at our back had a complaint
about also getting billed for something they did not order. But this is quite understandable
since they just opened.

Tonkatsu Flavors reviewed:

Plain  - melt-in-your mouth tender, no oily aftertaste, this is their signature recipe

Cheese - tender and the cheese is not overflowing it's not overwhelming, too,
the cheese complements the meat, so if you want it flavored, this is the safest choice

Garlic - anything with garlic tastes good, including this. If you're on a date, insist on a strong mouthwash after your meal :)

Negi Shio - spring onion is good also although there's a slight lingering aftertaste, best enjoyed with soda

Yuzu Kosho - Hot Dish Alert!  This is very, very spicy with a hint of tanginess because of the citrus.  It's like eating crushed peppers. See that green stuff in between the meat? That's pure hot stuff.  I can take spicy stuff but I got burned by this.

The 130g Tonkatsu is good enough to be enjoyed by one.
If you want to try different flavors, they have a set that has 3 different tonkatsu flavors, and 2 rice sets for Php 1200. If you want your tonkatsu traditional is also the Hire and Rosu version (not the layered ones.)

4th Floor Century City Mall
beside Ikkoryu Ramen
Budget about Php 450 per head.
(02) 812-0333

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